Thursday, September 1, 2016

Meet Cordelia

Last week I told one of my best friends, Katy, about my tumor. Thinking I was very witty, I mentioned, "I named it Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know like from Kindergarten Cop? It's not a tu-mah."

This is where I paused waiting for her to laugh, and where she in fact did the opposite.  "No," she said emphatically. "You don't get to name it a strong name!  You need to name it a weak and wimpy name."  

She had a point.  "Okay, I'll name it Wimpy."  Wimpy was a good name, until I found out that Wimpy was going to win in the end. Who wants to lose to an entity named Wimpy?!

As I stared at it on the screen, and rolled the name over and over in my head, "chordoma, chordoma...effing brain cancer." I decided to name the tumor Cordelia, and call it Cordie for short. 

From whenst this idea cometh, I do not know. Perhaps, it's an overdose of Anne of Green Gables; it wasn't the Shakespearean influence of King Lear's poor daughter. Though good Sir William's sonnets have been a sweet companion this week...

Betrayed by my own poor body. That's the terrible awful reality of cancer though isn't it? You wage the battle of Caesar and Brutus within yourself.  Et tu, Cordie?

Oh Cordie, thou art a villian! 

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